9-5 With Mandy, Decor Steals Maestro

9-5 With Mandy, Decor Steals Maestro

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Mandy just celebrated her 1 year work anniversary with Decor Steals and she’s been an amazing addition to the Decor Steals family from the start! Here is a look inside what a typical 9-5 looks like for a Decor Steals Maestro.

What is your role at Decor Steals?
My title is Décor Steals Maestro. My job is basically a catch-all. I work every day to make sure that our steals get delivered to you all. I do everything from consulting on customer service issues to helping set up the deals!

What’s the highlight of your work day?
I LOVE seeing how people react on social media! I take so much pride in making sure our steals measure up to our stealer’s expectations! We are a team of about 17 people (which feels more like a family) so when I get on social media and see all the interaction and the same level of excitement it makes me feel as though our family of 17 has grown into a family of thousands! That’s the best part of my day realizing that I am a part of something bigger!

What are your top five home decor must-haves?
1) Anything that will keep me organized! I love using the unexpected: teacups as jewelry holders, old crates as a place to store records, and tea tins as planters!

2) Lighting, Lighting, Lighting! I LOVE bright spaces during the day my blinds are pulled back ALWAYS but at night I use a lot of lights, seriously a lot! In my room alone I have 6 different sources of light ranging from LED candles to pendant lights hung from the ceiling.

3) Wicker: As a little girl my mom always had wicker in the house. EVERYTHING was wicker. Honestly, I hated it but we can chalk that up to childhood rebellion. Now as an adult I have such an appreciation for it. It is one of those materials that adds depth to a home. I have mine painted white for a cleaner look! The chippy-ness of the way the paints adheres to it and the intricate detail of the woven pattern… gets my soul every time!

4) Plants: I am a HUGE plant person and even that sounds like an understatement. I truly believe that every home should have one plant, one REAL plant. I have quite a few. The only one I have that flowers is my lavender which I keep next to my bed! The rest are leafy but their different shades of green add so much detail to my space! Plus they help purify the air which is a HUGE plus!

5) Framed Memories:
I am a memory hoarder. Sounds made up now doesn’t it. Essentially I keep everything that could possibly be sentimental… cards, concert stubs, plane tickets etc. I use to throw them into a memory box until I realized that our memories both physically and metaphorically are ART! Now I buy plain white frames and use scrapbook paper as a backing and voila! I have a WHOLE gallery wall of memories! I love looking at it, it is both beautiful and comforting. It reminds me each day that life is a journey and you never know what your next one will be!

What does a typical day look like for you?
Above I mentioned that my job is a bit of a catch-all. I think that must be one of the things I LOVE about my job the most, no two days are the same, there just isn’t a typical day for me. This job and you stealers are constantly keeping me on my toes! There is always something to plan or a problem to troubleshoot. I guess my typical day is much like my gallery wall… vast, constantly growing and full of surprises!


4 thoughts on “9-5 With Mandy, Decor Steals Maestro”

  • how do i find the lights that are over the island in one of your pictures. black poendant lights. they are with the checkered stools. thanks doreen

  • I have ordered a few things from your company the pricing was great but the last few items are from China and I was upset when the candle sticks I ordered had a tag on it that said it could cause cancer so I will not be ordering anything else. Need to post where this stuff is coming from so the consumer can make a choice

    • Hi Cynthia! It is California law to put tags like this on all items that aren’t necessarily tested for this. Most products aren’t and since we send to California along with many other states, we include this. We have informed our customers that the majority of products would include this tag just as a safety precaution. The only items that wouldn’t, would be your food safe items. It doesn’t have to do with where it is coming from! We can assure you of that. All companies that send to California would have to be doing this too. They must remove tags depending on where an item is shipping to.

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