Decor Steals: “A Happy Home Addiction”

Decor Steals: “A Happy Home Addiction”

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Lately, we have been taking the time to really dive in deep within the brand and re-discovering what it means to be a part of Decor Steals and what it means for all of you! One of the most amazing things about Decor Steals is the sense of community and the loyalty that we get from our beloved customers. Everyone in this circle is truly looked at like family and it makes getting up to go to work so much more rewarding knowing that we are making a difference in someone’s life!


We wanted to connect the brand message to the message that all of you feel daily and what better way to do that than do a poll for what Decor Steals means to all of you! To our surprise, some of our top picks weren’t chosen and the slogan and message that came out ahead was “A happy home addiction.” Once the results were in, it made total sense why this message resonated with so many of you…Decor Steals truly a an addiction (a healthy one lol) and it truly is a place to grab everything you need to create a happy home.


Take a look at all the happy homes y’all have shared with us! And don’t forget to share yours on Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #decorstealsaddict


Let us know if you love the new slogan in the comments below and also make sure you are checking back every day at 10am EST for the daily deals!




4 thoughts on “Decor Steals: “A Happy Home Addiction””

  • I personally voted for something else as your new slogan, but that doesn’t change the fact that I love your company and especially your customer service!!! For serious, y’alls customer service communication is by email only and y’all still totally blow away other customer service companies that you can call and speak with someone!!! so to me that’s the greatest thing about y’all and I love that and appreciate it cuz y’all are very kind and understanding and really do want each and every customer to be happy with each and every purchase – and y’all REALLY DO the best you possibly can to ensure that happens!!!

    • Hi! Thanks so much for the lovely feedback and so sorry the one you voted for didn’t get chosen! We loved so many of them but wanted y’all to pick 🙂 I will spread the word to customer service! I’m sure they will be so happy to hear that you think they are doing an amazing job. I know they care so much and want to make sure that each and every customer is treated like family. Hope you have a wonderful holiday season!

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