Best Pantry Shelf Organizing Ideas

Best Pantry Shelf Organizing Ideas

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We are so excited to have Lindsey of @thetrayertribe as a guest writer for this blog post! We have admired Lindsey’s beautifully put together kitchen pantry for a while now, and we were thrilled when she agreed to share some pointers with us – read on for her best pantry shelf organizing ideas for creating a charming and functional pantry.


I don’t know about you, but the kitchen pantry can always be challenging to get organized and better yet, STAY organized. No matter the size of your pantry, there are many ways to keep it looking beautiful, neat, and accessible for you and your family – why not treat your pantry as you would if you were decorating any other space in your home? Who says you can’t have a “pretty pantry”?

My pantry (below) is your typical size pantry, probably similar to yours. Here are some ideas for transforming your pantry into a space you’ll be excited to show off!


Purge your pantry shelves!

Start by cleaning everything out. Go through and ditch items that are expired or that you don’t need – the expired, the empty, etc. – you don’t need it!

Consider the Walls in your pantry

Think about the walls – perhaps you want to jazz up the space with a fresh coat of paint or even wallpaper. Wallpaper is a great option because you can play around with different textures and effects. Updating the walls or just an accent wall in your pantry can give the space an instant facelift.


Categorize and Contain

Create groupings with all your pantry contents. For example, group together cereals, pastas, snacks, baking ingredients, etc. Once you’ve grouped and categorized your goods, use containers to organize and keep everything in its place. Jars are great for filling with snacks and cereals – not only does it make the space more visually appealing but will help keep your food fresh. One of my very favorite pantry storage items is the Enamel Bread Box from Décor Steals – it can hold three loaves of bread and rolls, plus it looks great! A lazy susan is a great option for canned goods, dressings/condiments, or spices. You might find some inspiration from the Decor Steals Baskets and Organization Pinterest board!


Create Extra Storage Space in your pantry

Installing a simple door rack, as I did in my pantry, is an easy way to gain extra storage space. The one in my pantry hangs right over the door – it’s like getting a whole new set of additional shelves!

Another great option to enhance storage space – hooks! Simply install chic wall hooks or stick-on hooks to hang aprons, oven mitts, measuring spoons – anything that you need easy access to.


Labeling is an important step and it doesn’t have to be a headache. Use chalkboard labels, stickers, print outs, or write directly on your containers with a dry erase marker – again, a way to add character AND function to your pantry. Add labels to your jars and containers and/or shelves to easily locate what you’re looking for – label categories (meals, baking, snacks) or specific ingredients (sugar, flour, pasta, oats).


Beautify your Pantry!

Add a personal touch with fun accents – a unique sign or wreath displayed on a shelf adds so much personality to an otherwise dull space. Filling the blank shelf spots with a scale, canister filled with rolling pins, or fun jars of candies and treats brings in color and character.


There you have it, my best pantry shelf organizing ideas. It may be a big project to take on, but once complete, you’ll quickly see the benefits of a well thought out pantry. As a space you access multiple times a day, it will be a great time saver to have it neatly organized and put together. As a mom and a wife myself, my beautiful pantry gives me a sense of peace, knowing that everything has its place – and hopefully the rest of the household will catch on and learn that an organized space is a happy space!

Be sure to comment below with your best pantry shelf organizing ideas!

2 thoughts on “Best Pantry Shelf Organizing Ideas”

  • Lindsey
    So glad I looked at Decor Steals blog post. I love your amazing pantry ideas and I’m on the OCD side so I’m really enjoying it!!!!! Where did you find all the huge glass canisters for flour, sugar and the print on each jar? How did you do that? The pantry looks so good and adding a personal touch does make it more personal; I collect rolling pins and have a few and I love the idea for that and I really love all of it. I have a section in my kitchen that I may have redone and this is really similiar to what I wanted when we redid the kitchen. If you have a blog site I would love to join. Thanks so much for your inof. I got a glimpse of a hallway with a huge mirror and I believe the wall is painted in the blue family. It is stunning. I would appreciate any info on the HUGE glass canisters and print at your convenience. .
    Your friend,
    jean smith

    • Hi Jean! Thanks so much for your feedback! We love that we are able to bring you some useful tips and tricks! Unfortunately, we don’t have information on where the canisters are from because we used these photos from instagramers with beautiful homes. We do credit the photos though so if you would like to reach out to them directly you can! Thanks!

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