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Decorating Above Kitchen Cabinets: What’s In, What’s Out in 2019

Decorating Above Kitchen Cabinets: What’s In, What’s Out in 2019

Your first question might be, Isn’t decorating above kitchen cabinets out of style? The short answer is no, but let’s dive a little deeper into what’s in and out for 2019. 1. Decorating above Kitchen Cabinets Secret Stash…Shhh In style all the way! Just keep […]

The Most Popular Farmhouse Paint Colors of 2019

The Most Popular Farmhouse Paint Colors of 2019

Hey Friends! Paint colors are always a topic of interest and finding the perfect shade for your home can be a daunting task. It’s something that you have to look at every day and although you could easily change things up, that can get costly. […]

10 Indoor/Outdoor Summer Decor Essentials

10 Indoor/Outdoor Summer Decor Essentials

Summer…the time of the year when we can enjoy longer days, more time with family and truly gather in our outdoor spaces. Whether it’s your front porch, patio, screened in porch or backyard oasis, finding home decor that can transition from indoor to outdoor is key!

We’ve got a list of items and ideas on how to utilize pieces in your summer outdoor spaces that can also work perfectly in those winter months when you’re forced inside.

Photo Credit: @kathykuohome

1. Lighting

Set the tone and start your area off with some seriously knock out lighting! Dark nights call for mood lighting…so the more lights, the better. Think string lights, chandeliers, lanterns, and candles. We love scattering lanterns throughout the space to give it a romantic feel while still adding some style to the space. If you are feeling really creative, hang lanterns from a ladder for a dramatic effect. See below!

Photo Credit: @signsofhope @ thecozycottagelife

2. Area Rug

Define the size of the space or separate spaces with an area rug that will double for indoor and outdoor use. Find something durable, easy to clean and resistant to stains. A couple options for great rugs include jute rugs, bamboo rugs or even polypropylene or plastic rugs.

Photo Credit: @lewalesia @thehappyhousie

3. Tables

Whether you are looking to create a full-on dining table experience outside or just a leisure hang out area, tables are a huge part of creating the look of your dreams. First, decide what your end goal is, then focus on the big pieces and work your way to the smaller ones. It’s always easier to match your accents to your main pieces than the other way around.

Photo Credit: @ welivedhappilyeverafter

4. Seating/Chairs

Seating has to be one of the most important parts of your outdoor spaces. This is where you’ll be spending your days reading, catching up on gossip with friends and sharing moments with your family. For dining, think outside the box by incorporating benches, stools, and metal chairs. For comfy leisure spaces, think love seats with cushions and big oversized outdoor bean bags!

5. Throw Pillows

Cozy pillows are a must and give the space it’s inviting, stay a while feel! Don’t just purchase any pillow and create a mix of comfy vs stylish! That way you don’t have to compromise on the look you love.

6. Plants and Greenery

Greenery makes ALL the difference! Fill those empty spaces next to your seating and create height with potted plants on top of pedestals, in urns, or a top your side tables. Hang a couple plants to really make the space cozy. Try real or faux, but opt for plants that are easy to take care of like ivy, marigold, begonias, and check out this list of bulletproof plants from HGTV:

7. Throw Blanket

This might not live outside with the rest of your items, but designating a throw blanket or a couple for your chillier summer nights is ALWAYS a good idea. Plus, it’s a great way to change up your look and color scheme each year.

8. Serving Tray/Dinnerware

Let’s face it…outdoor dinnerware and products just can’t be the same as your indoor ones. You need durable, fun colors/fun patterns, easy to clean items to use outside and for the summer season. Good news is, durable outdoor pieces double as child proof for indoors in the colder months! double win!

9. Family Games

It isn’t summer without family game night. The kids are home from school and what better spot for your game night than outside! Gather the family round and double your games as stylish decor. Think vintage games, tic tac toe board or outdoor games like corn hole and ring toss.

10. Your Favorite People

No outdoor or indoor space is complete without the people you love! Sit back and enjoy the space you’ve created. There’s no right or wrong way to use it and that’s what makes it special and uniquely yours!

Decor Steals Items: An Insider Look at What’s Coming

Decor Steals Items: An Insider Look at What’s Coming

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Getting Creative with Pops of Color

Getting Creative with Pops of Color

Let’s address one thing first…bold pops of color aren’t for everyone, but what better time to add some color than Spring and Summer! During our mindless scrolling on Instagram we have been noticing the more bright side of decor start to make it’s way back […]

A Home that Sparks Joy for Spring!

A Home that Sparks Joy for Spring!

Marie Kondo has gone and sparked joy in many of us after watching even just one episode of "Tidying Up." Her energy is contagious and the way she connects with a home is truly inspirational. Finding the perfect balance in your home can be tricky and today we are here to help you for the Spring season ahead.

Our Top 7 Spring Decorating Ideas

  1. Start with a little decluttering and some Spring cleaning. It's important to remove items from your home that are dragging the overall aesthetic of the space down. You can take a helpful tip from Marie herself and remove all the items in your home that don't spark joy!

  2. Add statement lighting to your main entertainment spaces to ease as a functional decor statement piece that you can use for years to come. Adding a large lighting piece like our Whitewashed Wood Joelette Chandelier will brighten up your home for the warmer months ahead.

  3. Find a healthy balance in your home by adding fresh florals and greenery to bring the beauty and buds of Spring into your home. Start with some neutral Fresh Hydrangeas or maybe some blooming tulips for a pop of color.
Pink tulips in white vase
  1. Freshen up your look by adding some items that take on multiple uses. An example of this is our Distressed Corbel Vases. These are so great because you can fill them with fresh florals leave them empty and put them on display. They are also great for using as bookends or hanging on the wall.

Industrial Light Bulb Lantern
Photo Credit: @citygirlmeetsfarmboy
  1. Brighten your home with pops of color and by swapping out those neutral and darker hues of winter for pastels and lots of white! Think light pinks, blues, purples, and greens.
Easter Dining Room Decorations
Photo Credit: Home Stories A to Z
  1. Organize, organize, organize!! Nothing feels better than when you go into your pantry or closet get everything put in a place that makes sense. Obviously, after a year of not reorganizing, things start to migrate to different spots and before you know it, you have a cluttered space. Take the time to give all of your things a home with purpose.

  2. Invest in furniture pieces that double as storage. This way you can easily hide and organize your kid's toys, crafts, and even winter clothes that need to be tucked away until next season.

We can think of many other things that will help spark joy in your home for Spring, but we wanted to give you our top tips. If you have some tips and tricks of your own, leave them in the comments below. Let's all help one another create a home the inspires us and leaves us with a feeling of joy!

Decor Steals Items: A Look At What’s Ahead

Decor Steals Items: A Look At What’s Ahead

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Tips and Tricks: Styling for Winter

Tips and Tricks: Styling for Winter

Once the hustle and bustle of the holiday season is over and things start to settle back into their normal groove, it can feel a little empty in your home. Especially after all the holiday decorations have been put away and the last of your family […]

How To: A Dog-Friendly Home That’s Also Stylish

How To: A Dog-Friendly Home That’s Also Stylish

Approximately 42.5 million American homes have pet dogs. You may be thinking that having a dog means compromising on the style and décor of your home, but the two can go together. With a bit of training, some planning and considering the needs of your dog and how they can fit into your home, there’s no need to have to sacrifice your room’s style to be able to have a cozy dog bed or worry about furnishings becoming covered in fur or muddy paw prints.

Luxury and inconspicuous dog beds

One thing that can be difficult to get right is a dog bed that suits the style of your home and won’t stand out once it’s placed into a room. One of the best ways to do this is to match the style of your home, whether that’s a farmhouse feel or chic-inspired, by picking a luxury dog bed that will fit in and your dog will love. This usually means opting for neutral colors or beds that look like mini sofas that are ornate and super comfortable for your little furry prince or princess. Alternatively, if you want something that won’t be obvious you can incorporate a dog bed into an existing piece of furniture, such as hideaway holes in end tables or storage units by placing pillows or dog mats in them. These may need to be custom made and can be a great space saver.

Have a dog-friendly zone 

Creating a dog-friendly zone can be a good way to minimize the mess that dogs can bring into the home. Ideally, this is by the front or back door, whichever they’re likely to use most often, and there should have a floor that’s easy to clean. A dog-friendly zone should include storage for their leads, treats, poo bags, any coats or booties they’ll wear when exploring the great outdoors, a towel for drying them if they get wet and any other essentials. It should also be easy to close dogs into this area to stop them from excitedly running into other rooms where they could make a mess and leave muddy paw prints behind. Consider a rustic bench and shoe rack to make the area even more functional and to include humans too!

Pick dog-friendly flooring

There’s no getting around the fact that carpet isn’t a great option for dogs, especially young, energetic dogs or puppies that may scratch or bite at it. Any flooring that can be easily mopped clean will be best for a dog-friendly home. There are thousands of different designs and materials available so you won’t be limited on finding the perfect flooring to fit in with your home’s style. For example, dark oak flooring looks good in farmhouse style homes, whereas a light grey or white wood gives a modern feel. You can also add feature rugs that bring color, patterns and a sense of warmth to a room, which is particularly good for living areas. If you do want a room with carpet, choose ones that are loop-free as these are less likely to get pulled at or have claws caught in them, or have it in a room like your bedroom and ban your pooch from entering.

Having a dog is a commitment, but it doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your dream home. Training a dog what they can and cannot do in your home, along with some simple adjustments that cater for them can result in happy, comfortable and stylish living for all.

A Bedroom Designed for Sleep

A Bedroom Designed for Sleep

Boost Your Sleep with a Tastefully-Decorated Bedroom The interior design of your bedroom can not only have a direct influence on your mood, but also on the amount of sleep you get every night. With as many as 70 million Americans battling to get enough sleep on a […]