A Dream Laundry Room Makeover

A Dream Laundry Room Makeover

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We all dream about executing the perfect home remodeling
projects – whether a whole house flip or one specific room in your home, like a laundry room makeover! Renovations can be a lot of work and a lot of money, hence why we’re usually left
dreaming about these makeovers. However, when we see completed projects and the
before shots (especially a when topped off with a steal or two), we are left inspired and eager to start our own home makeovers –
this is just how we felt when we got a glimpse of the magic that Brie of
@briemarie1023 worked with her laundry room overhaul. This space went from
boring, dreary, “not laundry again!”
to bright, beautiful, “I could spend all
day in here!”
.  Pull up a seat for a
Q & A with the master herself for a look at how to achieve a dream laundry room makeover.

Q: Where did you get
your inspiration for your dream laundry room makeover? What tools did you use to gather ideas/plan it

A: I first got the
idea of sprucing up my laundry room when I saw a friend from Instagram post
about her Tic Tac Tiles and I immediately fell in love! Once I began installing
mine, I realized that they were so incredibly easy to install that it
encouraged me to expand my project!  Once
the tile was in place I took to Pinterest for some inspiration!

Q: What is your
favorite element of the final space?

A: It’s really hard to
choose one element, because I love how it all came together! I will say that I
was not able to get a farmhouse sink in my kitchen when we were redoing that
space, so I was pretty excited to be able to partner with Sinkology to put my
dream sink into my laundry room!

Q: How long did you
plan the renovation and how long did it take to execute?

A: It only took a week
to plan, but a few months to actually execute! My Father-in-law is my contractor
for all my projects, so it took a while to coordinate with his schedule when my
products were delivered.

Q: What was the
biggest hurdle/challenge you faced?

A: My impatience! I
just wanted the whole project done As soon as possible!

Q: What was the best/most
fun part of the process?

A: The final product! I
just loved seeing my vision become a reality!

We agree, it is hard to pick a favorite element of this space – with each detail so well thought out and flawlessly styled, it all works together to create this laundry room oasis! However, a few key items that really make this space special –

  1. A pop of greenery – an unexpected, natural accent that pulls color and life into your design. Get inspired by nature!
  2. A classic farmhouse sign – a cute and simple way to add personality to a space. More ideas here!
  3. Apothecary jars  – adds charm and functionality! Store your detergent, clothes pins, and dryer balls!

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