9-5 with Neela, Lead Graphic Designer

9-5 with Neela, Lead Graphic Designer

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Known for her sweet soul and creativity, Neela does everything with a designers eye. Her soft feminine style reflects onto her work and here’s a peek into her world.

What is your role at Decor Steals? 

I am the Graphic Designer / Brand Story Visionary – it’s as fun as it sounds! In a nutshell, I design stories that express our love for all things vintage and farmhouse.

What does a typical day look like for you?

After my kids are up, dressed and fed, they’re ready for the day which means I get to start mine!

My day starts with a cup of tea and checking the calendar for upcoming projects and events. I love making to-do lists (and checking things off!) and that helps keeps me on track throughout the day.

In the middle of the day, I grab some lunch and take time to turn my eyes away from the screen to do some reflecting. I love this time because it gives me time to switch gears, relax, and be ready to come back to work with a fresh look. This is my not-so-secret weapon for getting my creative juices flowing again!

Before the end of the day, I’ll make sure my to-do’s are done as much as I can and make a new list for the next day so I know exactly where to pick up in the morning.

After that, it’s off to mom-img.

What’s the highlight of your work day?

My favorite part of the day is brainstorming for a new design project. That’s when I get to sketch all my thoughts, put new ideas to paper, and make mood boards. It’s exciting because I don’t always know what I’ll end up with, but each idea leads to another and makes the creative process so much fun!

What are your top five home decor must-haves?

Wooden shelving to organize (and decorate!) my workspace
-A bench by my window to create a cozy little sitting area
-An enamel side table for a cup of tea and a book
-A dress form to display my scarves or hats on
-Flowers! Anywhere that needs a bit of color, warmth, or a feminine touch