How-To Pumpkin Decor

How-To Pumpkin Decor

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Okay let’s talk about pumpkins, Fall, and the holiday season. We love pumpkins and we love how there are so many different ways to style them in your home. Not only are pumpkins great used outside for Halloween or all throughout your autumn season, but they are great for inside!

Adding some painted pumpkins to your fall scapes is a great way to brighten up your space and keep to your decor color palette. Opt for lots of small pumpkins to be sure that you are spreading them all throughout your decor without overwhelming one space. We love the look of white pumpkins added with some ribbon around the stem.


We are loving our re-purposed propane tank pumpkins alongside our Halloween sign. It’s the perfect Fall combination and once Halloween is over, these Decor Steals exclusive pumpkins will tie into your Thanksgiving decor effortlessly!

Try doing a DIY for paper pumpkins. We are LOVING the look of these simple book pumpkins that our ambassador JoBeth has done a DIY for. Check out her video tutorial here <<

Milk paint or chalk paint pumpkins from Miss Mustard Seed are a great option for those looking to stay true to their rustic farmhouse look.

However you decide to do pumpkins for Autumn is sure to get your home into the spirit and bring a natural element to your decor. It’s such a cost-effective and simple way to dress up for the season.

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  • Hi! I like to keep the “winter decorations” out. I live in Utah. And winters here, are dreary. I would love to have someone give some ideas on how to segue from Christmas, to winter and hygge!!! Just an idea, but it would be helpful!!

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