7 Master Bathroom Ideas for the Interior Designer in You

7 Master Bathroom Ideas for the Interior Designer in You

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7 Master Bathroom Ideas for the Interior Designer in You

We are thrilled to have Luci of @white.oak.shop as a guest writer for this blog post! She recently executed a brilliant master bathroom makeover, and we are in awe of the final product. Read on as she walks us through these seven master bathroom ideas for the interior designer in you – it’s so much simpler than it seems when she breaks it down, we promise!


Develop a Plan for your master bathroom

When we don’t love a space, we visualize how it could be different. “How could it be better?” We pin ideas and inspiration on Pinterest, then reality sets in with budget and constraints. Writing a list of pros and cons of the space is a great place to start – this also helps with budget estimates. Where can you save money? What can you reuse? Could something be painted? What needs to go? Then you can reassess and prioritize your needs.


Our bathroom scenario is not the norm. My husband has contracting experience, so he was able to do most of the work himself (with the help of his supervising wife of course!). Otherwise, this is when contracting quotes come in – ask friends and family for contractor/handyman recommendations.


With our bathroom, the countertops, tub, and shower surround were all a nineties mauve – we knew we’d have to renovate the entire space. We saved for a few years and drew out the plans on graph paper (there’s probably an app for that but I went with what I know).


In our case, most of the budget went to tiling, the tub, and the vanities. If you don’t have it in the budget to replace big items, paint can be a great solution – check out this rundown of the most popular farmhouse paint colors of 2019! Stenciled floors, painting vanities, and resurfacing a tub are other affordable options. 

Make your master bathroom Functional

After you have used a bathroom for a while, you know what works and what doesn’t – it becomes clear what is important for a space. Our master bath did NOT have a toilet closet, makeup vanity, full length mirror, or a functional linen closet – these were all things we hated about our bathroom and knew we wanted to change. We managed to add a sliding mirrored barn door to close off the toilet and shower, creating a toilet closet. While it seems like a small adjustment, it was one of the most functional changes we made in this space. 


Clear some Space

Our corner jetted tub, also mauve, took up so much space and was never used, so it only made sense to replace it with a smaller soaker tub. Removing an unused, outdated bathtub can make space for a makeup vanity, linen cabinet, toilet closet or a more spacious shower – something you will use.


Think about Storage in your master bathroom

How much storage do you need? Will the vanities be enough? Is the linen cabinet big enough? Can I add a hanging cabinet or shelves for extra supplies? Do I need extra counter space or drawers for makeup? I asked myself all these questions, because I am all about hidden or decorative storage. Thinking about what storage you need will also aide in picking out vanities and cabinetry. Styling glass containers, decanters, and baskets are great for storage and they are aesthetically pleasing!


lighting is Everything in a master bathroom

“There’s too much light in the bathroom!” said no woman ever! If you have it in the budget to add more lighting, especially in an area where you get ready, then do it. A bold chandelier or a wall sconce is a fun way to emphasize your design style and add character to your space. Mirrors can also bring in a lot of light. Try adding a full-length mirror or bigger vanity mirrors, as they will reflect more light into the space. A mirror over a tub that looks like a window would also be a good idea for those without any natural light. 

Make your master bathroom a sweet retreat

Master bathrooms are a luxury in my book. I didn’t grow up in a house that had on en suite bathroom, the whole family shared one full bath (I don’t know how we all survived!). Today, most homes now come with an en suite, so why not make the bathroom you are renovating as luxurious as possible? A makeup vanity, a spa-like shower head, a soaker tub, side tables for candles and décor. Add a unique towel rack or wooden ladder, incorporate plants, live or faux – these details will make an ordinary bathroom feel more like a luxurious retreat.

find your inner designer and Make it YOurs!

Don’t forget to make it personal by adding your own unique touches. We did this by adding a favorite quote on the wall above the tub and styling a Magnolia Garland. There are so many fun ways to make it your own – a painted or wallpapered accent wall, a favorite piece of artwork, a fun spread of bath accessories. You could also add in shelving to style trinkets and décor items – check out this blog post for inspo around floating wall shelves. 

Use all of these tips to bring your master bathroom ideas to life. For additional bathroom design ideas, check out our Farmhouse Bathroom Pinterest board. Please share your favorite bathroom styling ideas in the comments below – anything to add to our list of seven master bathroom ideas for the inner designer in you?

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