6 Creative Ways On How To Store Blankets Without A Closet

6 Creative Ways On How To Store Blankets Without A Closet

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Easy Ways to organize and store blankets without a closet

If you’re like members of the Decor Steals family, you probably have an obsession with throw blankets and pillows that fill up all areas of your home! Nothing quite gives off the feeling of a warm cozy home like a soft throw blanket. There is nothing better during the colder winter months when you have the fireplace going. 

However, that blanket and pillow obsession can quickly turn into a disorganized mess where you lose track of everything. Many of us simply don’t have the closet space to easily store blankets. 

Well, today is your lucky day! The Decor Steals team is here to share how you can store blankets without a closet so that you not only have everything neatly organized, but you’re making a beautiful decor statement while you’re at it

Storage Baskets In Unused Areas Or Near The Couch

Our favorite and easiest way to store blankets without a closet starts with using good ole fashioned storage baskets. These are super easy and cute to use without the blankets taking up too much space in each basket. Usually, just placing the basket on the end of your couch or in the corner around your entertainment center will do the trick. The best part about this setup is the easy blanket access during those long Netflix binge nights we’ve all had! Check out these Seagrass Storage Baskets With Handles to help get you started!

seagrass storage baskets

The Convenient Storage ottoman

In today’s day and age, furniture that can act as both decor and storage pieces gets all the love. It becomes so much more convenient if you have a smaller home where organization is key. This helps keep a clutter free environment. And ottomans are a great way to store blankets without a closet for that home organization. 

Depending on your home setup, ottomans can easily be placed in your living room, at the end of your bed, or even in an empty hallway that can help fill up the space a bit more. We LOVE this organization method because of the functionality aspect to it!

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Towel Racks aren't just for bathroom accessories

If you follow Decor Steals daily, you will know that we’re HUGE fans of towel racks! Our stealer family loves them as they often sell out immediately when put in stock. While many people think of these pieces for organizing bathroom accessories, they can also be used outside of the bathroom. You can hang them in your kitchen or bathroom while adding character and charm to your home! Make sure you check out our Swinging Towel Rack when it is in stock! As we said, they always sell out fast!

How To Store Blankets Without A Closet Using A Decorative Ladder

Decorative display ladders are becoming staples in farmhouse lover homes! Also, they have now become one of the best ways to store blankets without a closet.

Many home decor enthusiasts often have two types of blankets: one for using on the couch and one for display. We often like to think of storing blankets using a decorative ladder in the latter of those two options. We picture these quilts more for decorative display purposes to showcase finer detailed blankets or even hand-stitched ones that are passed down amongst each family generation. Looking to get started, check out this Distressed Wooden Ladder With Removable Hooks

how to store blankets without a closet using a decorative ladder

Open Shelving Units

Creative open shelving units allow you to display multiple categories of home decor such as picture frames, toiletries, potted plants, or cookbooks. Well, they can also be used to store blankets and pillows. We find natural texture shelving units like this 54 Inch Seagrass Shelving Unit absolutely adorable. Use it to replace a closet as a blanket storage option. It screams farmhouse and will draw the eyes of your home guests in the best way possible!

seagrass shelving unit

Laundry Hampers aren't only for dirty clothes

Taking a simple item such as a laundry hamper and turning it into a stylish and functional piece is what we love to do here at Decor Steals! That is why we love using laundry hampers in a more creative way as a storage piece rather than just collecting clothes with it. 


With a beautiful laundry hamper, you can park it in the living room or entryway to use as a decorative statement, as well as a blanket storage piece. Place the blankets in the hamper first, then layer on a few decorative pillows to really bring the entire piece to life. If you’re looking for a new hamper to get the ball rolling, we suggest checking out this Rolling Laundry Hamper

how to store blankets without a closet using a laundry hamper

As you can see, the possibilities are endless for how to store blankets without a closet. Just because your closet space is overwhelmed and can’t fit any more items doesn’t mean you have to just throw the blankets anywhere. Look around your home for the existing home decor pieces you already have to see if you can utilize them for additional blanket storage.

We hope this article helped spark a little creativity in you for finding more unique blanket storage ideas that will not only organize your home, but will make an amazing decor impression to your family and guests!