How to Hang a Garland

How to Hang a Garland

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Many of us here at Décor Steals have gone through the motions of wanting to add greenery to our homes, but don’t want to deal with the hassle of living plants. After bouncing around new ideas, we have come up with our favorite solution: garlands. Read on for some simple tips on how to hang a garland.

Garlands are the magic tool to turn any surface into the lush version of itself we always knew it could be, and we’ve began using them everywhere! With many variations of garland – nature inspired, fabric, beaded – you can choose one to express your personal style and your vibes! This article is designed to show you how simple hanging a garland can truly be, and once you get started, maybe you will find yourself as attached as we are.

how to hang a garland from a mantel

There are many different methods to use a garland on a mantel, so let’s start with the easiest. If you place the garland towards the back of the mantel, or weaving in and out of the other décor, there’s no need to hang your garland at all! You can let the lush greenery sit right where it is, with absolutely no prep. However, if you want to hang the garland off the front of the mantel, it’s time to meet your best friend the command strip. For the absolute best results, follow these steps listed below.

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1.      Clean your surface. This step is crucial for getting a strong hold with the command strip. Wipe down the surface with a damp wash cloth, and then clean the surface again with rubbing alcohol to get the command strip to really stick! Just be careful and adjust your cleaning solution depending on the material of your mantel so you don’t harm the finish.

2.      Attach the command hook. Once the surface is prepared, pay close attention to which side of the command strip you’re sticking to the mantel. One side should be labeled with “wall side”. This is what will face your surface. Put the command strips somewhere that they will be easily hidden by your other decorations. We recommend using the clear variety so the hooks blend in even better.


3.      Hang the garland. The garland will drape naturally over the command hooks, no problem. Once you have your garland in place, add the rest of your decorations and you have your finished creation!

hanging a garland from a wall

Using a garland on the wall is a great way to add a pop of color around other decorations. This could be used as the trim around windows, or as an accent around other wall décor such as paintings and sconces. Unlike hanging from a mantel, there’s really only one way to hang a garland from a wall. How high or low the garland is placed is entirely up to you, but the process is largely the same. Each step is very similar to the last process of hanging from a mantel, but there’s a few extra specific tips that might help you along the way!


1.      Clean your surface. This step is very similar to last time, except it’s better to jump straight to the rubbing alcohol. Make sure you do not use command strips on freshly painted walls. If the paint was recently put down, it’s still very easy to damage and you might have to paint the walls all over again later. Wait for about a week, and then you should be okay to start decorating.

2.      Attach the command hook. This step is just like the last one. Because of the extra force of gravity, it’s even more important this time to make sure you hang the command strip with the “wall side” facing the wall.

3.      Hang the garland. Make sure you have enough room on either side that the garland isn’t weighed down by itself. If the garland is on the heavier side, you can purchase command hooks rated for up to 7.5 lbs of force.

Through all of these steps, you should have a garland that not only looks good but hangs for as long as you want it there. This leads us to our last and most important step about hanging garlands: go wild! Garlands make a wonderful filler material in almost any setting, so take some time to get creative and make your house your own. We love swapping out garlands seasonally to give a space an immediate and impactful update!

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  • You forgot to mention that on the ends that hang down, the greenery should be facing down, not up like you have in the photo. Depending on the way you hang a garland if it’s supposed to be symetrical, this is a very important step. When hung wrong the greenery splays out, and collects dust. If the garland is asymetrically hung then the side that hangs down should be facing down. Hope this helps-

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